2- Layer Valentine’s Day Clock – Lightburn File

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2- Layer Valentine’s Day Clock


From our Holiday COLLECTION, This 2-layer Valentine’s Day Clock will surely be a gift to remember for years to come!
Created for a hobby diode laser, this Lightburn template has 2 different layers, that when cut & stacked, create an impressive Valentine’s Day Gift!
The Lightburn file can be adjusted to accommodate any laser engraver!
The finished product is cut from wood and measures and impressive 11.5″ x 10.3″! It should not be resized.

Product instructional video: 

Suggested material: 3mm Baltic Birch or hobby wood.
Supply Links:
12″x12″x3mm Baltic Birch Plywood:
Quartz Clock Movement with Sweep Seconds:

This template has cut settings for a 5W diode laser.
Set the power and speed to the appropriate settings for your laser!
Please remember to do a test burn! 

Requires: Lightburn Software (Link to trial version), Version 0.9.24 or newer.

One Lightburn File with 2 layers
One readme file


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