2-Layer Nativity Cross, Lightburn File


2-Layer Nativity Cross


From our Religion & Faith COLLECTION, This 2-layer Nativity cross will surely be a gift to remember for years to come!
Created for a hobby diode laser, this Lightburn template cross has 2 different layers, that when cut & stacked, create an impressive nativity scene!
The Lightburn file can be adjusted to accommodate any laser engraver or Circut machine!
The finished product is cut from material and measures and impressive 7.5″ x 11.5″! It can be resized to any size (You must select all to resize).
See notes in the readme file for resizing

The Louisiana Hobby Guy sells this as a .dxf & .ai file on many other graphics websites for $11.99. However. this store is dedicated to his YouTube Channel so you get a substantial discount as a viewer! Plus, it’s a Lightburn file, ready to cut!

Similar product instructional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ-EdG3PeTc

Suggested material: 2-6mm hobby wood, cardboard, craft paper
Other uses: Print & Cut, Circut
This template has cut settings for a 5W diode laser.
Set the power and speed to the appropriate settings for your laser!
Please remember to do a test burn! 

Requires: Lightburn Software (Link to trial version), Version 0.9.24 or newer.

One Lightburn File with 2 layers
One readme file


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