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The Holy Trinity Laser Cut Puzzle and BONUS FREE DOWNLOADS!

From our Religion & Faith FREE COLLECTION, This 2-layer Puzzle will surely be a gift to remember for years to come! And it comes with a 2-layer Crosses On The Hill project  and the Font to go with it as well! These are ORIGINAL Louisiana Hobby Guy Designs!

Here’s the Link!

3 thoughts on “The Holy Trinity Laser Cut Puzzle and BONUS FREE DOWNLOADS!

  1. Sorry – can’t find any other way of contacting support for this website. I have an account but when I try to log in it tells me that my password is incorrect. However when I click the lost password link I do not get any reset email. I have checked the junk folders and there is nothing in there.

    Can you forward to the webmaster please?

    1. Hi Colin, there is a link at the top of every page that says, Privacy/Help. You may need to contact Linda from that page and have her check your email address. When we see this problem, the email was usually entered incorrectly during checkout.

    2. I just talked to Linda and she said Hotmail made some changes to their email policies which is probably why you weren’t getting the emails Colin. She has fixed the records on our server and it should be working now. Please try another password reset and it should work for you now.

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