Mayan / Aztec Collection #1


Mayan / Aztec Collection #1


From our Culture COLLECTION, This is a single Lightburn file containing six Mayan / Aztec graphics in high resolution.
Note: The Mayan calendar sends over 235,000 moves to the laser. It is designed to be burned on the laser at low speed, 1200 mm / min or less to prevent shudder and timing belt skips.

1) Open the file in Lightburn
2) Create a Library called, Mayan/Aztec
3) Import each individual graphic to the library

Other uses: Print & Cut, Sublimation, Stickers, Iron-On

Requires: Lightburn Software (Click here for a trial version), Version 0.9.24 or newer.

Recommended Tutorial Video: Click here to watch: Creating an Art Library the EASY Way!

Includes: 1 Lightburn File with 6 graphics
One Lightburn File with instructions for adding graphics to your art library.


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