Material Stand Off, 3D Print – STL File V2


Unlike any other product on the market, this standoff can accept any size material, from 1mm to 6mm thick and has multiple uses!


This is an STL file ready to be sliced by your 3D printer slicing software!
This file was originally created for The Louisiana Hobby Guy, and then modified for use on a laser engraver, and is exclusively available only on this website.
THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL PRODUCT! This is a package of digital STL files for use on your 3D printer.

This standoff can accept any size material, from 1mm to 6mm thick!
It has multiple uses:
1) It can be used as is, as a standoff to prevent flashback and create an air-gap between your material and the work surface for flat materials.
2) You can glue in magnets up to 32mm wide and 4mm thick into the magnet space for warped material. A 0.5mm & 1mm spacer is included for odd sizes.
3) You can simply lay material on top of the standoff.
(NOTE: You would have to have a metal bed for the magnets to work. Magnets will not be attracted to aluminum)

Recommended magnets:
These rare Earth Neodymium magnets make use of the entire opening for maximum holding power.
8Pc – The World’s Strongest & Most Powerful Rare Earth Magnets by Applied Magnets – $13.99
Pull force: 18 lbs. These are the strongest magnets I have ever used.
Made here in the USA, Plano TX.
Here is the product link on Amazon
(NOTE: These magnets require a 1mm spacer, included in the download)

Magnet Opening: 32mm wide by 4mm deep
Included Spacers: 0.5mm & 1mm

Successful, repeatable Print Settings on the Anycubic Vyper 3D Printer:
Standard quality, 0.2mm layer height, 0.4mm line width, 0.8mm top/bottom thickness, 40% infill – 3mm infill line distance – Cubic pattern.
Material: PLA+, 205° C.
Speed: 90 mm/sec
Support: Normal, everywhere, 45° overhang, ZigZag, 20% density.
Print Sequence: All at once (If printing multiples).
Print time: 8 hrs 26 min for 4+4.

Included in this download:
LAHG-4x-Material-Standoff.stl – Four Standoffs
LAHG-1x-Material-Standoff.stl – One Standoff
LAHG-Shim-1mm-x1.stl – One 1mm Spacer
LAHG-Shim-1mm-x4.stl – Four 1mm Spacers
LAHG-Shim-0.5mm-x1.stl – One 0.5mm Spacer
LAHG-Shim-0.5mm-x4.stl – Four 0.5mm Spacers
INSTRUCTIONS.txt – The description from this ad

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