Comprehensive 10W Lightburn Library – V3.1


This is the most Comprehensive 10W Diode Laser Lightburn Library available on the Internet for a 10W Diode Laser! Version 3.1


This is the most Comprehensive 10W Diode Laser Lightburn Library available anywhere for a 10W Diode Laser! V3.1

This library took over 250 hours of testing to compile. There are over 29 different materials and dozens of settings for cutting, engraving and photos.
Here are some of the materials tested: Acrylic, American Holly Wood, Anodized Aluminum, Ash Wood, Bamboo, Basswood, Black Cherry Wood, Butternut Wood, Cardboard, Cardstock Paper, Ceramic Tile, Cherry Wood, Coated Tumbler, Cork, Curly Maple Wood, Denim, Glass, General Hardwoods, Leather, Maple Wood, Oak Wood, Pine Wood, Plywood, Powder Coated Metal, Rowmark Lasermax, Rowmark plastic, Scot-Ply Plastic, Stainless Steel, Stone & Slate,  Vinyl Stickers & White Oak Wood!

This download is a Lightburn Library file, and can be used with any version of Lightburn Software.
IT CAN ONLY BE USED WITH Lightburn Software!

Included in the ZIP package is the 10W Lightburn Library – V3.1, and the Library Notes & installation instructions in a text file.
If you downloaded the file prior to 05/18/2023, please redownload the latest file.

1) Save this file to your hard drive.
2) In Lightburn, go to the Library TAB. (If you don’t see the Library tab, click Window –> Library)
3) Click the LOAD button, and browse to the file you just downloaded.
Double click the file, and all of these settings will populate the Library!

This file will be in your account for 365 days from the date of purchase and can be downloaded up to 12 times.


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