Coin Drop Mini Game, Laser Ready


Desktop version of the popular Corn Hole backyard game!


From our newest category, Games, this is The Louisiana Hobby Guy’s desktop version of the popular Corn Hole backyard game!

NOTE: If you downloaded this file prior to 5/12/2024, there is a new version that is now in your My Account link.
The only change is the name of the game. Please replace the original file.
This file now includes a FREE storage box!

This Lightburn template file was created on a 30W diode laser with a front left origin for use with 3mm wood or acrylic.
This is the 3mm Basswood used (Click for Amazon Link) in the photos.
$58.49 for 48 pieces. 48 pieces of wood will make 96 games. If you sell them for $12.99, you’ll receive $1,247.04, or $1,188.55 in profit!
Designed to make TWO games from ONE sheet of 12″ x 12″ wood!

Here’s a link to a FREE TRAVEL/STORAGE box for the game (click here!)

Requires: Lightburn Software (Click here for a trial version), Version 0.9.24 or newer to use the template or the Art Library.
SVG & DXF Files are included if you don’t use Lightburn.

This zip file contains:
1, Lightburn Art Library
1, Lightburn Template
1, SVG File
1, DXF File


This file will be in your account for 365 days from the date of purchase and can be downloaded up to 12 times.


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