Advanced Universal Test Card for Hobby Lasers – Lightburn File


Universal Test Card V2


From our Lightburn collection, this is a Diode Laser Universal Test Card in a Lightburn file used to dial in your laser settings.

UPDATE, 8/2/2023: This product has been added to our free files! Due to the updates in Lightburn with the Material Test settings in the Laser Tools menu, we are now offering this file for free! The Material Test in Lightburn only does line and fill testing, and not grayscale or any of the other great features in this file, but we are still offering this file for free for those who need advanced testing, which is almost everyone!

This is the most advanced test card available on the market, and as of the date of this creation by The Louisiana Hobby Guy, the only actual Lightburn file ready to use! The test file consists of one large multiple test card with five industry standard tests, and five break-out tests that can be used on their own.

This file as-is, is ready to run on a 5W diode laser with 2mm hobby wood. It can be customized by the user for many other materials (see below) or lasers by changing the speeds and power to suit your machine and/or material. To customize the main test card, simply ungroup it to add notes and parameters.
NOTE: Be sure to use the File –> Save As feature and use a different file name for that particular material after customizing! 

NOTE: This has become a legacy file, hence the price decrease. Lightburn now has built-in material tests, however they do not cover all of the cut and engrave parameters this file does.

Tests include:
Font Size Engravings
Raster Grayscale Image Test
10 Square Cuts – 10 Circle cuts
3 Flex Cuts
2 Parabolic Flex Cuts

This zip file contains:
One Lightburn file with a universal test card.
Plus a README File with FULL instructions!
Designed for a 5W hobby laser use with wood, cardboard, paper, cloth, glass, metals or acrylic.
These test card can be customized by the user for any material or laser.

Requires: Lightburn Software (Click here for a trial version), Version 0.9.24 or newer.
You may download this file up to 12 times, for up to 12 months, whichever comes first.


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