5 Layer Mandela Cat – Lightburn File

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5 Layer Mandela Cat


From our Lightburn collection, this is a Lightburn file containing a 5 Layer Mandela Cat designed to be used with 3mm plywood.
Designed for a 20W DIODE laser, however any laser can use this file with adjustments to the speed and power.
Resize to any size. You must select ALL to resize uniformly.
See This YouTube Link (Click Here) to learn how to format multi-layer cuts.

Load the file in Lightburn
Check the speed, power and cut priority settings.
20W diode: 100 speed, 90 power, 2 passes.
15W diode: 100 speed, 90 power, 4 passes.
Cuts/Layers Priority: C00 is the only layer.
Adjust focus and then lower focus by 3mm on a raised bed.
Start the burn


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