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FREE Puzzle Templates!

In my commitment to share free files with my customers, this Lightburn puzzle template file is yours to keep!
You can get it at this link:
Here’s the Link!

If you enjoy my FREE templates, please consider purchasing another file to support the effort and keep the free files coming!
I would also appreciate a review on the product you downloaded! Help spread the word on the quality!

18 thoughts on “FREE Puzzle Templates!

  1. Perfect file selection. My husband and I make cutting boards using exotic wood.(purple heart, yellow heart, padauk, and maple and walnut so far. We have yet to make them using cherry. In any case I found your site to be extremely useful and a pleasure to watch and learn. Do you have a file for wood working tools such as saws, skill saw blades . My husband does the wood working stuff and I am learning emphasis on learning, lol.

    1. No but I probably will have in the future Sharon!

  2. Thats great Rick, I recently became a supporter of your channel.(lasernovice12) and I watch as many videos of you as I can. I never used any design graphic apps before and truly grateful for your guidance.
    one thing though is the filing convention for the life of me I cant set up a templates folder in my computer. The art files are ok.

    1. You simply save the templates to your hard drive and then open them in Lightburn. File –> Open.
      If you continue having problems, please email me at [email protected]


  3. i try to follow link for templates and i get a The requested URL or webpage address /product/lightburn-puzzle-templates/ was not found. message am i doing something wrong?

    1. Please just use the search box at the top of the page Travis. Links do change regularly.

  4. Hello,when I click on the puzzle template link it is saying “The requested URL or webpage address /product/lightburn-puzzle-templates/ was not found. Is this file no longer available?

    1. Sorry Melissa, the database updates once per day, so it may have been updating at the time.

  5. The link does not seem to be working.

    1. Hi Jonne, it’s working now. The database may have been updating at that moment.

  6. The link is no longer working again…

    1. Use the search box please.

  7. This is what I get when I try to get the free Puzzle files, what am I doing wrong and how can I do it right please, thank you
    (The requested URL or webpage address /product/lightburn-puzzle-templates/ was not found.)

    1. If you use the search box at the top right of your screen and search for puzzle, you’ll find it.

  8. The requested URL or webpage address /product/lightburn-puzzle-templates/ was not found.

  9. Where are the puzzle templates????

    1. Search for puzzle in the search box at the top of the page.

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