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Free Hi Def Cats!

Check out the new file I just uploaded for FREE download!
Three Hi Def cats!
Order yours today in the store for FREE!

4 thoughts on “Free Hi Def Cats!

  1. Dear , MrLouisiana Hobby Guy
    I paid 6 files on March 19, 2022 with iDEAL to account no. 4 numbers 5036. but I didn’t receive anything. best regards

    1. Hi, your six free files are in your account Sir. Just login to download them.

  2. ok I ordered a pattern and cant get it to lightburn library. this is the only place I found to try and get to Rich to let him know. I ordered three patterns and have spent 1 hour trying to get it to lightburn library help

    1. You go to the Art Library TAB in Lightburn and click the LOAD button to use Art Libraries.
      If you don’t see the Art Library tab, click Window from the top menu and click on Art Library. It has to have a check mark next to the name to be visible.

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