Lightburn Puzzle Templates

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Lightburn Puzzle Templates


From our Lightburn FREE category, these are SIX, high quality, scalable puzzle templates.
Designed for use on cardboard, paper, wood or acrylic.
This video tutorial by the creator of these files (click here) will teach you how to make perfect puzzles with these templates!

If you enjoy my FREE templates, please consider purchasing another file to support the effort and keep the free files coming!
I would also appreciate a review on the product you downloaded! Help spread the word on the quality!

This zip file contains:
ONE Lightburn File with six puzzles
ONE .LBART File for your Art Library

3 reviews for Lightburn Puzzle Templates

  1. neilstuartltd (verified owner)

    Hi Rich, watched your youtube vid on this last night and couldnt wait to have a play with it today. Added to my card and checked out twice now and still cant find a download link for it. Hope to have it solved soon, got some wicked Photos I took recently at a steam gala that I want to give it a go at.

    • richf

      Hi, the download is directly below the order approval. It can also be found in your account on the left side where it says Downloads.


      • richf

        I see all 3 of your orders in your account Sir.

    • richf

      The download issues with this file have been resolved.

  2. neilstuartltd (verified owner)

    Hi again Rich,
    All my other Orders I see the download for the items on the order. On all three or is it 4 now, attempts at this one the actual download does not show for the puzzle. I was going to send you a screen shot but the review does not allow an image only text.
    Sorry to be a pain but really was looking forward to having a play with this one.


    • richf

      I sent the file to your email Neil. Sorry for the trouble.

  3. neilstuartltd (verified owner)

    Thanks Rich for this! Great comms, great support and Great product!
    Thanks again,

    • richf (verified owner)

      My pleasure! Thank you for your patience!

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