Lightburn Framing Jig for Bamboo Utensils


Lightburn Framing Jig for Bamboo Utensils


From our Lightburn FREE category, this is a Lightburn file created as a framing jig for Bamboo Cooking Utensils.
BONUS! Cabin Sketch Font, Lightburn Art Library

This jig will allow you to make perfect engravings on Bamboo cooking utensils! These are the perfect gift for any cook! Nobody likes metal utensils!

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No other uses

Requires: Lightburn Software (Click here for a trial version), Version 0.9.24 or newer.

Recommended Tutorial Video: Perfect Laser Engraving on Bamboo Utensils!

This zip file contains:
ONE Lightburn Framing Jig File
Cabin Sketch Font
Instructions in a readme text file


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