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Swag is here!

I finally got some swag setup on the website for those who follow me on YouTube and want to support the effort!

So far only a couple of items are up, but I’ll be adding more as time goes on. Thank you all for your continued support and helping the channel and this website to grow!

Rich F.
The Louisiana Hobby Guy

8 thoughts on “Swag is here!

  1. Great Job Explaining Laser Cutting & Otur Laser along with ” LIGHT BURN!!
    I am another laser newbie! … I am glad to have found You !!
    your store is awesome!! just a pleasure to have someone sharing your vast experiance!

  2. Thank you rich just got some files cant wait to try them. Keep up great viedos

    1. Thank you Todd! Enjoy!

  3. Good morning Rich, I am a newbie to working with lasers I have the documents two times and still had trouble understanding them, but when I found your you-tube station you make it so easy to understand. Thank you
    (my grandmother always said “even an old dog likes to be patted some times :)”) Thank you again

    1. My pleasure Richard! Thanks for your support!

  4. can you tell me which library should be used for WAINLUX
    Laser Engraver, Wainlux 40W
    I bought it from amazon and I’m a newbie and I can’t find the right settings to engrave.
    And thank you for sharing your knowledge, I like your content.

    1. The libraries are on my free forum in the members only section;

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