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Welcome to the Laser Engrave and Cut Files on-line store!

Watch our Blog for FREE Vector images!! Like this one!

Right Click PNG image and Save

We will regularly be posting FREE GRAPHICS from different collections here on the Blog!
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30 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Sir, I stumbled on your YouTube channel for lightburn and I’m really a happy camper. You explain lightburn so well. I have a Shapeako cnc and just recently added a jtech laser.

    I’ve purchased some of your files and looking forward to learn lightburn from the master. Thank you, Tim J Taylor

    1. Thank you so much Tim!

    2. Thank you Tim! Enjoy!


  2. Love your designs and YouTube channel. I started to purchase some designs but I could access your privacy policy.

    1. Hi Terry,
      This is a new website, so there are some bugs. The privacy policy isn’t completely finished yet, but your information will be kept private and not shared with anyone.


      1. Thank you for clarifying your privacy policy! I made some recent purchases and, also, tried to download a free one, cutting puzzles. I was unable to download the file. Thought you should know this. Thanks, again!

  3. I am just learning with an Ortur Laser Master 2 PRO. Have viewed many of your YouTube Lightburn video, as well as many other laser user video on YouTube. Kind of you to save people time building a working Library as a guide to modify their own.

    I do greatly appreciate your effort in making use of machine and learning the software to get going sooner.

  4. Hello I just want to say you sir are a master at Lightburn I love watching your videos on you tube
    and i have learned so much from you Im still just a noob but I’m trying to learn as much as i can .Thank you for all the very nice free files you have shared i can’t thank you enough !!!!!!

    Charlie from Michigan

    1. My pleasure Charles! Thank you for the kind words!

    2. Thank you so much Charles!

  5. Hello my husband and I found you through your YouTube channel. Your videos have been very helpful. I am a crafter and like to sell what I make. What is your policy on selling the finished product of your cut files. Thanks for sharing.

      Both personal and commercial use of this file and the graphics and/or art library is UNCONDITIONALLY GRANTED to the purchaser for any personal or business computers or usage, INCLUDING COMMERCIAL SALES OF THE END PRODUCT created by the purchaser.

      The *electronic files* themselves (any-file.lbrn2, .clb or .lbart) may not be sold, shared or distributed in any way without prior expressed permission from The Louisiana Hobby Guy and/or
      ALL electronic files are Copyright 2021, The Louisiana Hobby Guy and/or – all rights reserved.

      1. I was especially looking for this information since I am looking to produce crafts for sale.
        You might want to create another menu item on the top menu bar “License” and put the information there, so it is easier to find.

        1. License information is at the bottom of every page, thanks. The top bar is for website navigation.

  6. Thank you for the downloads & your tutorials o YouTube. because of an injury ( so a can’t walk very wel…) I am a woodworker en about 5 weeks ago I make an enclosure for me atomstack A5 30w.. I purchased Lightburn , en learning how to play with it.. learning from your YouTube canal also I sign in on your website.. greets from the Dutch

    1. You’re most welcome! Thank you!

  7. Hello Rich, I am constantly struggling with downloading files I purchased. I just dont have the expertise. For example the images of dogs file. I dont know what a .DFX is or how to bring it into my art library.

    1. Hi Sharon, A dxf is an image file. You import the file into Lightburn by clicking File –> Import, and then you can add it to a library.


  8. love this one Rich it speaks to my heart I come from a long line of fishing addicts lol. thank you for all that you do

    1. Glad you like it!

  9. hi Rich, I can’t seem to download any files I’ve purchased from my account. I click on the download link but nothing happens. Any suggestions? Thanks

    1. Click on My Account –> Click Download on the left side –> Click on the Gold Box under Downloads with the name of the product in it. I just tested it and it works fine. If you continue having issues, please clear your cache, or try another web browser.

  10. I stumbled onto this site from lahobbyguy. I was looking for hold down pins. Thanks for the file.
    I am gonna try to find you on you tube. I did not see a link anywhere on this site to take me there. You might want to add a link!

  11. omg . after i posted, i opened the readme on the download. Thanks rich!

    1. I’m glad you found it Billie!

  12. I really like your YouTube videos. I signed up on Patreon and it tells me to check my private message for the code to get the 80-100% discount. Where do I find these private messages?

    1. Hi Jim!
      Patreon has a private message system. The message was sent to you yesterday, so if you login there, the message will always be available. I will also email it to you Sir!


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